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The Miner's Last Chance.

We're here since 7 years

The Miner's Last Chance has been around since the years when MC1.7.10 ruled the world and we plan to stay. Though small we are packed full of features!

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Our Team

Our Team has been both around since the begining and new up and comming with lots of hopes and dreams!

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About Our Servers

Our Servers are sitting on Indidvidual top of the line Rapsberry Pi 4's. Each major individual server has it's own Raspberry Pi, with room to expand as we grow!

Our Uninverse

Here you can see a small overview of all the awesome worlds we can provide to you and your friends. Each one in it's own server to help us expand. However; you can bring your inventory, xp and money to any world you please!

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For those who enjoy the peaceful life, we have our Feature Enriched SMP server.

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MineCorp is the special world that you can rip appart for resources to reduce lagg on the main servers. It gets reset weekly.

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Weekend is a special world that gets set for the weekend / special events. It could be from a custom world to just good old fashion fun with old worlds or builds from others.

Our current Introduction Video

Fall 2020

>> See The current intro here

Our Past Introduction Video's

The last Fall 2019

>> See The last Fall 2019 here

The last Fall 2018

>> See The last Fall 2018 here

Original After Startup Spring 2017

>> See the intro Original After Startup Spring 2017 here

Original Coming 2017

>> See the Origional Comming 2017 video here

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Send us your ideas, wishes and more. We will answer as soon as possible

You can message us anytime.

  • Telegram @Twildpaw
  • tmlc@carnrike.com