Why you should play here

Community Friendly

Here at the Miner's Last Chance we believe it's all about building a community from the ground up. Whether your new to minecraft, or an advanced player who likes all the modern mods. We have it for you.

Mods Galore!

On the SMP Server.. You start off by going vanilla, and later on in you're life on the server decide to join a Party on Armies and get involved in Party vs Party wars. Or maybe wanna be a farmer? it's all there.

Some of the Major mods are:

  • Multichat
  • MCmmo
  • Custom Ender Chests
  • XP Bottler
  • Timber
  • Advanced Portals
  • Lead The Way
  • Silk Spawners
  • Server Restorer
  • World Guard
  • Essentials
  • Grief Prevention
  • TMLC Custom Recipies
  • Un-Crafter
  • Boss Shop
  • Mob Statues
  • Veinminer
  • Magnet Mode
  • Crop Harvesting
  • Jobs Reloaded
  • And much more!

Experienced Team

Our Team has been developing MC Servers and networks for over 7 years and if a problem arrise, we are back up and running in a very short time making the core's uptime 99%.

Innovative Worlds

From a world with diamonds all around you to the Hilands of the end, we have custom worlds to fit your every need, no matter the world your residing in.

Who had the Idea

twildpaw aka Toby Wildpaw


Origional Dream of having a global universe of minecraft worlds where it could be expaned exponentially.



If it wasn't for the Captian, None of this would of existed, He's the one that got Toby Wildpaw into minecraft in the first place!



Venom has been a stable supporter of TMLC and has done a TON of work to help make it succeed!



Lonestar, is an awsome up and cumming admin. We see Great Potentioal in him!

Contact Us

Send us your ideas, wishes and more. We will answer as soon as possible

You can message us anytime.

  • Telegram @Twildpaw
  • tmlc@carnrike.com